Rayne Fellowship grant for Refugees – DEADLINE EXTENSION

The deadline to submit the application for the Rayne Fellowships for refugees has been extended until
Friday 7th of December.

Rayne Fellowships for Refugees, is a fantastic opportunity for refugees living in the UK with a Big Idea that, with the right help, could be brought to flower. Rayne Fellows will receive the right support, resources and training to turn a vision into reality and make a real difference to people’s lives.

Rayne Fellowships for Refugees is funded and supported by The Rayne Foundation (www.raynefoundation.org.uk) The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund (www.theworkcontinues.org) and the J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust (www.jpgettytrust.org.uk). The Rayne Fellowships for Refugees programme will be delivered by Praxis Community Projects (www.praxis.org.uk) a charity with over 29 years experience working within and supporting refugee and migrant communities.

Fore more information:

The Manual

Application Form

Equal opportunities form

Please email your completed application with equal opportunities form to fellows@praxis.org.uk. If you are having trouble downloading the forms, please call us on 020 7749 7520.


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