Art Auction & Evening Fundraiser


Art Auction & Evening Fundraiser in aid of the Saleh Family

An Open Mic Night and a Silent Art Auction will take place on the upcoming Friday the 9th November from 7pm at the Rockin’ Chair (62-64 Lower Cathedral Road, Canton, CARDIFF CF11 6LT) in aid of the Saleh Family.

Mrs Saleh arrived to the UK over 5 years ago with her children aged just 12, 13, and 15 at the time. They spent the most formative years of their lives in the UK and identify with Wales in their character and identity.

Mrs Saleh has been seeking sanctuary from an abusive and cruel husband whose acts endangered her and her children’s lives for over 15 years to the extent of death and rape. The Egyptian authorities ignored this domestic abuse as her husband has close links with police, judges and other officials. Consequently, the family have been seeking asylum in the UK for the past few years.

Despite the hundreds of supporters and the many injustices along the way, Mrs Saleh and her two children were illegally and forcibly taken away from their Cardiff home and deported to Egypt on the 23rd October. Ironically, the legal proceedings that were under way when this happened continue and we remain in hope that they will be brought home to safety once these have run their course.

The funds raised will be used to pay the legal costs of the ongoing Judicial Review proceedings.

If you are able to perform or make an art donation, no matter how briefly or small, please get in touch asap. If not, please spread the word, come along and enjoy the evening!

An up to date article on her case can be read here

or visit the facebook page for more info


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BVSNW is an umbrella organisation that actively represents, supports and promotes the interests of the BME communities and the BME voluntary sector in Wales. We also provide a number of services directly to individuals, communities and agencies throughout Wales.

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