Anniversary: Act of Memory

Anniversary: Act of Memory

Experimentica is a key event for the presentation of new performance and interdisciplinary projects across installation, film, video, sound art, dance and theatre. The Festival takes place between 21-25 November and there will be further information available through the chapter arts website shortly:

As part of the Festival we have commissioned a project called ‘Anniversary – an act of memory’ which is a performance series in 60 acts, focusing on the importance and relevance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

It will include voluntary performers who will learn and recite from memory individual Articles from the Declaration, in their preferred language, making up the entire Declaration along with artist Monica Ross. The UDHR is translated into 385 languages and to date more than 400 people have taken part in thiswork in over 50 languages. Although the text remains the same, each voice gives its own context and we are encouraging participants to celebrate the diversity of language in Cardiff and Wales. 

We are inviting groups and individuals to take part in this unique event at Chapter. Please join us for a workshop with Monica Ross at 7pm on Thursday 1 November, where she will talk about the project and outline how it will work at Chapter. The performance will take place at 12 noon on Saturday 24 November.

Each recitation is uniquely shaped by the producers and co-recitors who deliver it. While the text and its aspirations remain the same, the different voices reciting in different languages mean that each performance is specific to its context and community. Each recitation is also documented and posted online as an open archive which can be freely shared with a wider community at and


About bvsnw

BVSNW is an umbrella organisation that actively represents, supports and promotes the interests of the BME communities and the BME voluntary sector in Wales. We also provide a number of services directly to individuals, communities and agencies throughout Wales.

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